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OpenBots Is Aimed to Beat the “Pay per Bot” Licensing Model

by sol-admin

Founded in 2019, OpenBots  is the first enterprise-grade RPA platform with zero-bot licensing. The company aims to democratize robotic process automation by making RPA more accessible and enabling businesses to scale their programs.  OpenBots team believes that the “Pay per Bot” licensing model is fundamentally flawed and does not provide value to the customers considering the additional costs around implementation and maintenance services. The top RPA vendors have almost 95% plus margins on their license and charge for support and maintenance costs in addition to that.

OpenBots Cloud Server is an excellent example of a zero-license RPA tool with usage-based orchestration that helps organizations become elastic and respond to market demands. Zero-bot licensing allows companies to re-direct their budgets to developing, maintaining, and scaling processes — the original promise of RPA.  

“Almost all RPA vendors charge you by the bot and then charge additional usage-based orchestration fees. When using OpenBots, you can build unlimited bots without any license fees, and you only pay for usage-based Cloud Orchestration.” 

Ashish Nangla, CEO, OpenBots

OpenBots Studio is equipped with full IntelliSense to assist users with customizing code commands using the C# programming language. Studio also has native Chrome commands to automate through a provided extension with support using C# in loops/if commands and other commands for SAP, Cloud OCR, and UI Automation.

OpenBots has a heavy release schedule with new product launches planned out for the rest of the year and into 2022. Users can expect the automation capabilities to expand every few weeks.

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