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Order Management Automation | Planning & Scheduling

by Ant Sh
Order Management Automation | Planning & Scheduling

With robotic process automation, organizations can automate time-consuming repetitive and tedious order operations processes. In this demo, you’ll see how Roboyo helped a large conglomerate automate the planning and scheduling of packages in the maintenance & engineering department end-to-end with RPA.

Before Automation

Prior to automation, the maintenance planning and scheduling department would have to manually schedule a variety of work order packages from all work centers biweekly according to the planning period. The process involved reviewing notifications, creating work orders and reports, manipulating system status, scheduling and rescheduling orders, and printing packages. With each package taking up to three minutes, the team had to handle a volume of up to 80 items daily. This required the attention of up to two full-time employees, spending 2+ hours combined on a daily basis. Due to this process is high volume, error-prone, and time-consuming nature, it was selected as an ideal candidate for automation with RPA.

Automation Impact

With this automation, the maintenance and engineering department experienced significant time savings, while generating better forecasts for maintenance scheduling. The process owner also benefited from having more opportunities to do higher value work instead of spending hours a day manually processing this repetitive task, enabling him to grow within his role. By automating this crucial process, Roboyo helped its client free up to 20 hours of manual work per week creating up to 1040 hours of additional efficiency per year in this process alone, assisting the client’s maintenance and engineering team with a more efficient and innovative method to perform this process, while ensuring 100% data accuracy and most importantly freeing valuable human talent to focus on more strategic initiatives at the enterprise.

Now let’s look at how Roboyo automated the process.