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Partnership Between Kryon And Navicon In Russia

by sol-admin

Here is a brief video testimonial about how Navicon has been implementing Kryon RPA solutions at many major Russian enterprises. Navicon is the leading Russian company for expert consulting and system integration, its Director of Innovation Technologies, Andrey Kapranov said the following:

– Most of Navicon’s customers start their RPA journey from the processes which, from their perspective, can reduce costs and improve effectiveness.

– For instance, one of the biggest financial institutions in Russia processing requests for mortgages increased the speed of processing by 2.5 times, definitely eliminated human errors, and really created a better customer experience.

– Customers need real help to implement the RPA scale. Here comes Kryon with its full-cycle automation solution which allows customers to implement the RPA scale.

– Kryon is a truly enterprise-ready solution and it can be deployed in huge organizations with all their critical security demands.