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Partner with RPA Master

RPA Master is the leading intelligent automation portal. We help organizations accelerate digital transformation by sharing knowledge about automation technology, services, case studies, and industry solutions. We also help businesses find and train their intelligent automation team.


The evolution of human society comes from the productivity of individual members. Each new decade introduces new tools and technology, improving the lives of millions of people. However, many more challenges and opportunities lay in front of us – from hunger, poverty, and diseases, to global warming and space exploration. We don’t have time and resources to waste; every person needs to strive for efficiency while doing meaningful work.

We believe that process automation makes organizations more efficient, profitable, and more caring. It reduces the burden of tasks that must be done and frees up time for finding new ways to improve business and bring more value to customers, the community, and society in general.

At RPA Master, we do our part in “helping put a man on the moon.” We drive awareness, understanding, and excitement around intelligent automation helping business leaders find new ways to transform their organizations and supporting employees, so they adapt and thrive in the new environment.


We partner with the top industry experts who are excited about automation, help drive automation forward, and have a story to tell:

  • Automation technology and solution providers
  • Thought leaders and trainers
  • Automation practitioners: developers and process analysts
To provide the best content, education, and services for RPA Master audience. 


Automation Technology Providers

For automation technology vendors and solution providers, we offer various marketing programs to build brand awareness, increase lead generation, and sharpen the value proposition:

Awareness programs

Our current audience is over 20,000 automation practitioners, business and technology leaders interested in automation. We can help you raise awareness about your company, products, and services within the automation community, shed light on outstanding solutions you’ve built, and share your success stories and customer wins.

You will find new partners, engage new customers and attract new talent with the following programs:

  • Featured technology vendor or solution provider
  • Featured case study or customer success story
  • Featured company news or customer event
  • Featured industry solution

Lead generation programs

We continuously expand our audience, including new business leaders and IT managers looking for ways to improve their operations. They can become potential buyers of your technology or services. We offer various programs to help you engage new prospects:

  • Online events and webinars
  • Promoted content: white papers, e-books
  • Sponsored content creation

Product marketing

If you are a young company and still working on your product-market fit, or you are an international company looking for expansion into the US market, we can help. Our team has years of experience in the B2B software and enterprise automation space, and we are happy to partner with you to:

  • Position your product and services, understand your buyers, and find product-market fit
  • Form a unique value proposition for your products or services and crystalize your messaging
  • Create content (white papers, e-books) and set up your digital demand generation programs
  • Build presence in social media (LinkedIn)  
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Thought Leaders and Trainers

For the top industry experts willing to share their knowledge and expertise in automation, we offer an additional channel to expand their reach and impact on the market.

Thought leadership programs

  • Share your articles, blogs, white papers, and point of view content
  • Lead the solution section for your industry
  • Host webinars and digital events

Education programs

  • Contribute to the RPA Master Training program with your digital course
  • Offer an online RPA developer training
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Automation Developers and Analysts

Enterprise automation COE leaders and services companies are coming to us for help with finding the right talent for their automation projects. We partner with experienced RPA developers and process analysts, ready to take on new automation challenges.

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