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Pega RPA Auto-balancing

by sol-admin

Learn about the first-industry RPA auto-balancing feature for hands-free bot workload management released by Pega:

As you know, RPA should free up time for employees to spend on higher-value, more complex tasks. But in reality, the cost of bot administration can totally erase all the benefits of that surplus time.

When workload increases, valuable human efforts are wasted as bots must be manually reallocated to optimize efficiency. Businesses often buy even more bots to fill the gap – leaving them to sit unused during less busy times. So, time and money saved in one aspect of the business are simply being spent in another: purchasing and managing bots. That’s why businesses need an automated solution. As a response to this challenge, Pega developed its RPA auto-balancing feature that is supposed to help deliver your investment in process automation as promised.

Pega’s auto-balancing feature is the first in the industry to automatically reallocate bots based on real-time workloads. Here is how it works:

  • Redistributes bots when unexpected needs arise across the business
  • Analyzes work assignments automatically to ensure SLAs are met
  • Prioritizes high-priority work over less critical jobs when demands exceed the capacity

“Too many organizations are trying to overcome RPA’s many limitations by, ironically, buying even more bots. This just results in more bot management headaches and costs them more money while never truly reaching scale. In our latest step towards hands-free RPA, Pega RPA Auto-balancing makes it simple and painless to maximize bot efficiency and reduce costs without human intervention — bringing true automation across the entire RPA lifecycle.”

Eric Musser, general manager, intelligent automation, Pegasystems