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Pega’s Intelligent Automation Solution Has Helped QBE Save Up to 50,000 Hours of Employees’ Time Annually

by sol-admin

Headquartered in London with operations across Europe, QBE European Operations (QBE EO) forms a significant part of the QBE Insurance Group, one of the world’s leading insurers and reinsurers, with operations in 27 countries worldwide. Today, the company was mentioned in the press release on Pegasystems’ website announcing that QBE EO has used Pega Robotic Process Automation™ to increase efficiency and improve customer experience. Here is the digest of that.


Prior to using Pega, QBE EO’s claims, and credit control team processed each case manually, which involved sorting through thousands of case-related emails, data, and tasks per day.


The company turned to Pega’s intelligent automation capabilities as part of an operational excellence initiative to transform highly transactional areas of the business by streamlining and automating workflows. After initial pilot success in claims, Pega was quickly rolled out to credit control and underwriting operations, with robotic solutions now operating across the business.

One of the most successful bots for QBE has been an attended RPA bot that receives thousands of emails per day and files them in the appropriate systems, saving thousands of manual hours per week. Due to the flexibility of the software, a simple reconfiguration has enabled more than 75 variations of the generic filing bot. Through a simple drag and drop process, QBE leveraged this bot from its initial home in claims to serve multiple business units across Europe that also handle large volumes of transactional emails, including underwriting.


QBE EO claims department alone has deployed Pega bots to automate an estimated 30,000 customer claims tasks per week, saving approximately 50,000 hours, the equivalent of 25 full-time employees annually, while dramatically speeding up the process for its customers. Pega RPA removes the need for employees to perform repetitive work and enables that work to be processed digitally with more incredible speed and accuracy. This allows QBE EO claims handlers to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time providing value-added services while delivering outstanding customer experiences. Providing a more sophisticated level of service has also significantly improved employee satisfaction and left them with time to talk to brokers about how they can enhance their services.