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PolyAI Secured over $120m in Funding in Total

by Ant Sh
PolyAI Secured over $120m in Funding in Total

Nikola Mrkšić, Co-founder & CEO of AI-powered voice automation startup PolyAI recently announced they have raised $50 million in a Series C round of funding thus secured over $120m in funding in total.

Today, PolyAI serves close to 100 enterprise customers, including FedEx, PG&E, Caesars, Marriott and Unicredit. For instance, with one of their global clients, the company deployed the world’s most multilingual enterprise voice assistant, supporting 12 languages and doing the work of 1,000+ full-time employees.

One of the most important principles that guides the company is that not only the technology required to make voice work for customers, but the context of how that technology is deployed.

The PolyAI’s platform has all the advantages of generative AI paired with a user experience that matches how enterprises actually build, deploy, and iterate in the voice channel.

It starts with smart workflows that can be used to design and launch incredible experiences. It is unlike anything else on the market because it’s based on a decade of deploying next-gen voice automation, includes actionable insights unique to voice interactions, out-of-the-box integrations that make it possible to launch and improve voice assistants quickly, and a team that can support, innovate, and orchestrate the rapidly changing technological landscape specifically for enterprise-grade deployments.

The startup’s voice assistants are uniquely designed to understand and engage with every individual’s unique voice, making them valuable tools for businesses across industries.