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Process Advisor in Microsoft Power Automate

by sol-admin

Process mining helps you to efficiently optimize across your entire enterprise by identifying workflow bottlenecks that are slowing your business down. That’s why Process Advisor, a new process mining capability in Microsoft Power Automate, can be very useful for your automation. Here is a look at how it works.

Process Advisor allows you and your colleagues to capture manual tasks through recordings, which are used to create a visual process map. Insights are provided to make it simple to identify inefficiencies and areas for potential automation.

For example, a healthcare facility could capture patient check-in procedures and automatically produce a process map that visualizes the entire process. Among other insights, the map would show what activities take the longest, and how many variations of the check-in process there are across the different people who perform the process.

Teammates can collaborate by sharing tasks, letting users learn from how others work within the same processes, or by contributing their own recordings. And in-depth analytics let you identify processes that might be creating hiccups. Out of the box analytics tools measure several KPIs that help you understand your processes, by recording how many people recorded the task, the average time it takes to complete a task, how many different paths your users took, and more.

And besides, Process Advisor using Power Automate Desktop to record your workflows provides the ability to remove confidential information from recording sessions, so sensitive data stays private.