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Process Mining & RPA Success

by sol-admin

Process mining is a technical solution to automatically reconstruct any kind of business process solely based on digital footprints from any kind of IT system. In this demo, you can see how easy it is to analyze and visualize a business process based on data from the SAP workflow system. In this example, a customer was executing the process “Invoice approval”. There were different variations and different activities such as Pay Invoice, Receive Invoice and Approve invoice and in order to understand how the process really looks like, you need just to click on the menu item process and the system will automatically reconstruct the most common variation of the process, starting with Receive Invoice and ending with Pay Invoice.

This is only the most common variation so if the operator added more activities to the picture the system would automatically show what else is happening there. The more activities you add the more complex and the more complete the process will be.

In order to simplify your understanding, the demo speaker selects only the most common variations. In the last part of the demo, you can see how successfully the time of invoice processing dropped from nine days first to seven days and then to just 1.9 hours.