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Programming Bots in IBM RPA Studio

by sol-admin

This demo shows how to program an AI-driven Bot in IBM RPA Studio just in minutes to help automate repetitive tasks on the example of Anna who works in Finance. Every week, she builds a report that includes expenses from all the invoices across her company’s entire financial management system. It’s a lot. Sometimes the invoices are PDFs created from digital files, but sometimes they’re just scanned paper invoices. Entering them and creating the reports takes lots of valuable time away from more crucial work, and manual repetition means errors could be right around the corner.

Thanks to IBM Robotic Process Automation with AI-driven bots, she now can automate her reports and lots of other repetitive tasks too. Her first step is to activate IBM RPA Studio, a place where she can easily create automation scripts. Scripts contain the steps that tell the bot what it needs to do. RPA Studio has a host of simple-to-use tools to help automate different types of tasks. Anna easily builds her bot by dragging and dropping commands from the Studio’s toolbox onto the script design surface. RPA commands have instructions that clarify what her bot will execute. Anna adds a command for her bot to specify the folder containing the PDFs it needs to process. She then grabs the data she needs from the PDF using OCR. Anna can also use the recorder to add commands to her script by recording them in the Finance Management System. When recording starts, IBM RPA automatically adds commands to Anna’s script based on the steps she takes in her browser. When she is done recording, Anna can make extra tweaks to her script if she needs to. And thus it’s done.

After publishing the bot, the script is stored in the cloud and can be reused as needed. It also becomes a resource available to other users. Anna can start her bot whenever she needs it and the bot takes care of the rest. A task that would take Anna hours, even days, to complete is done in minutes. All she has to do is click a button. Now, while the bot takes care of the repetitive functions, Anna can focus on high-value work.