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Progressing RPA Journey of East West Bank

by sol-admin

Here is a two-minute testimonial from Raju Deshpande, Director of Operations at East West Bank, about a few aspects of how their RPA journey is progressing. He said that they started with Automation Anywhere about one year ago and got their hardware installation done. Now they are ready to deploy their first batch of bots because a few processes that need automation are already selected.

Raju emphasized that people in the bank are really excited and he shared with us how they are going to measure RPA success at East West Bank:

Obviously, the bank management specified the ROI, the numbers, the stuff like that but they go by more what people think about it, the person, who’s working, actually will be implemented RPA – what does he or she feel about it? That is the biggest measure of success for Raju and his team. He added that the staff should not feel threatened by the RPA, they should feel that RPA is helping them and if they did a good job ahead of time that would be a good measure of success. It’s about making sure that the automation works with people and helping them do more things, namely to have happy customers and happy leadership.

Concerning their Botathon and CoE, Raju thinks that it was a big success for them because, with the Botathon, they got their IT people involved, business people involved, Raju’s team involved and everybody was able to touch and feel and they were able to see how quickly you can build a bot and see the results. So, the Botathon was definitely a big success which enabled the start of building the Center of Excellence.