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QueenBOT by AntWorks

by sol-admin

ANTstein Square is a fully integrated automation platform designed by AntWorks to provide straight-through processing. While it can be used as a platform with its integrated strengths, it can also be consumed via independent modules. QueenBOT is one such core module. It’s RPA 2.0 that provides low code / no-code bot development to enable scalable digital workforce creation and digital operations management. ANTstein’s cognitive ANTbots are capable of intelligent exception handling and self-healing giving you higher bot productivity. The digital operations management allows you to manage your digital workforce with ease and efficiency.

The main benefits that QueenBOT RPA can deliver to a business:

QueenBOT RPA provides the highest BOT uptime available with cognitive responsiveness.

Lower TCO
Achieve lower total cost of ownership with smart BOTs for exception handling and minimal downtime.

Business continuity
Get a real-time business continuity and automated risk management for your digital workforce.

QueenBOT RPA helps achieve the highest BOT productivity in your enterprise operations.

Let’s see how this module works: