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Resume Matching with UiPath AI Fabric

by sol-admin

This demo will be going over the AI use case resume matching. Let’s start off by taking a look at the process. In this process, the robot will be leveraging a model trained and deployed in AI Fabric to match resumes to open job opportunities.

There are five main steps to this process. First, the robot will read the email and save the resume attached to that email. Second, the robot will send this resume to AI Fabric to obtain a job match prediction. Third, if there is low confidence in the prediction, the robot will create a task in Action Center for a human to validate the prediction. Fourth, the robot will reply to the email with open job opportunities based on the job match. Fifth, the robot will send these new data points back to AI Fabric to retrain and improve the model and the cycle continues as the robot will continuously capture new data points and retrain and improve the model.

Now let’s jump into AI Fabric to train and deploy this machine learning model.