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Robocorp’s CEO Interview

by sol-admin

As we mentioned before, the open-source platform Robocorp has recently closed a $21M Series A investment round to democratize complex automation technologies and accelerate a fast-growing automation landscape.

Here is a brief conversation with the CEO and Co-Founder of Robocorp, Antti Karjalainen*, to learn more about his company. The discussion centered on RPA, open-source, and how Robocorp is offering support for cloud-native applications. He was also asked about the areas where Robocorp would be investing in considering the Series A funding.

*Antti Karjalainen is CEO & Co-founder of Robocorp and a member of the board at Robot Framework Foundation. An open-source enthusiast with a background in software engineering, he’s on a mission to transform the RPA industry with open-source technology and delivery for software robots.