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Robotic Process Automation at Qualcomm

by sol-admin

Any time that employees at Qualcomm spend working on manual repetitive tasks, is a sort of mindless work. It’s not something that the management wants people to spend a lot of time on.

Mary Gafner, the lead for the Qualcomm RPA team, has been in software applications for a long time. She is always hearing about new technologies. She and her team are looking at all different areas of automation. And thanks to RPA they are really happy to be able to free up people’s time so that they can spend more of their work on things that need more thought and more of their expertise. The Qualcomm RPA team manages all of the pipelines and they do all of the development and the support of the RPA implementation. It works because RPA has really shown that it’s functional and provides value.

My first reaction to RPA is probably the same reaction that everyone has. What is this when we’re talking about robots? What does this look like and how is this really going to impact us? But once actually seeing what RPA can really do and the potential that has in the future, it’s very powerful. For finance, we’ve been focusing on those types of activities that are high in volume what potentially was maybe just manual Excel spreadsheets before but now actually getting to data a lot faster.

Jennifer Taylor, Senior Manager – Finance, Qualcomm

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