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Robusta is a Robotic Process Automation vendor, founded in 2017, providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes, without the need for software development expertise. Robusta enables hyper-automation and cognitive automation in organizations of all sizes with its simple-to-use, BPM-native, no-code RPA platform.


Robusta digital workforce solutions reduce costs while increasing productivity with fast, practical, flexible, and scalable products tailored to your business needs. Our process automation platform improves the way you work with easy-to-use tools for visually managing, quickly automating, and continuously optimizing business processes and workflows. Robusta’s BPM-centric approach enables users to design, view, and update their processes in accordance with BPMN 2.0.


With a slogan of “Empowering People to Work Smarter”, Robusta offers its products and services with an agile and dynamic approach, to meet the rapidly changing demands of the business world. The company analyzes the needs and expectations of its customers accurately and offers solutions for each of them based on their needs.



Co-founder & CEO


Turkey, Istanbul, Sarıyer
Robusta was founded in 2017



Robusta No-code RPA Platform

Robusta’s RPA software automates repetitive tasks and business processes for maximum efficiency and speed. Using the no-code platform, everyone can easily design, view, and update their processes according to the BPMN 2.0 notation. With the help of the Cognitive Capabilities, users can design intelligent business process automation with Robusta RPA’s AI-powered bots.


Robusta’s powerful RPA platform lets process designers interact with live applications as they build out a process and leverage a rich library of reusable process activities. Using the BPM-based interface, everyone can turn virtually any user activity into an automated workflow in a highly intuitive way.


Robusta offers different solutions for your business:

Solutions by industry: Logistics & Transportation, Energy & Utility, Manufacturing, Real Estate
Solutions by function: Customer Support, HR, Accounting, Finance, Sales, Marketing, IT
Solutions by technology: RPA, BPM
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Robusta case studies

Robusta support programs and services are designed to ensure their customers have what they need to excel at every stage of their transformation journey.


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