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Romanian RPA Startup Tailent Enters The Portuguese Market

by sol-admin

Tailent is a Romanian technology startup created to make RPA more affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The firm is currently in the process of expanding both locally and internationally by entering new strategic markets. In September, it brought in two key executives with extensive international experience: Laurent Binetti as Board Advisor for Strategy and Dragoș Mateescu as Head of Business Development.

Yesterday, it was announced that the RPA provider has entered the Portuguese market through a partnership with integrated management solutions provider Winsig which is a company with over ten years of experience in business software solutions across Western Europe. Thus, with an extensive client base in Europe, Africa, and South America, the solutions provider will help Tailent expand to a broader portfolio of customers. Tailent will bring affordable RPA solutions for Winsig customers in areas like Finance & Accounting, HR, Logistics & Distribution, and Retail.

“This new alliance will offer us the opportunity to further democratize the access of all companies to RPA solutions at affordable prices and brings our innovative turnkey solutions in new markets all around the globe.”

Mario Popescu (pictured on the left), Tailent CEO

“We’ve partnered with Tailent to bring an industry innovative robotic process automation tool to our customers all around the globe. Tailent Automation Platform will allow them more time to focus on their core businesses and help increase data accuracy. With the help of RPA solutions, more and more employees will have more time for creative and added value activities, letting the robots take care of routine and redundant operations.”

Nuno Archer (pictured on the right), Winsig CEO