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ROOMY – Russian Bots by CSBI

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CSBI is a Russian developer of IT solutions for the commercial and public sector. The company has been working in the field of business processes since 1993.

The company started developing its own RPA system in mid-2019. A strong team was selected to implement the project and in less than six months their product – ROOMY bots – reached functionality comparable to global RPA vendors. The structure of the complex is made in the form familiar to RPA users:

  • Studio – an environment for scenario development;
  • Robots directly performing work;
  • Orchestrator is an application to manage these virtual employees.

The main emphasis in the development of RPA ROOMY bots was placed on the usability of the platform. That is why the concept of developing Robot scripts in the no-code style was chosen – creating a robot really does not require programming knowledge even at the stage of setting up complex scripts. Also, when developing the architecture of the ROOMY platform, it was decided that ROOMY bots should combine the following conceptual paradigms:

  • Cross-platform. ROOMY should work not only with Windows but also with Linux, as well as with control of other operating systems;
  • Availability of functional flexible application parsers from the Studio and through plugins in Browsers to implement continuous business processes;
  • Support for external API for third-party systems, as well as the ability to connect your own self-written external libraries in the form of Studio commands.

At present, CSBI’s team is well aware of the caution of implementing RPA: it is impossible (and not necessary) to robotize all processes in an organization, and not all organizations have the ability to implement these technologies.

But CSBI looks at the market more broadly. That is why they have not only created a fully functional robotics solution but also launched a number of digital services that implement the Robotic-as-a-Service concept (RaaS, robot as a service).

Robotic services allow CSBI’s clients to get the result of the robot’s work without implementing RPA directly in their company. Already today the vendor provides services for parsing data from various sources, the robots register and process files, recognize scans of unstructured documents, and extract the information customers need.

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