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RPA + AI for Financial Business Systems

by sol-admin

90% of the world’s data was created over the past two years revealing an increasingly digitized world of information. In today’s hyper-competitive global business environment, commercial and government organizations are demanding to do more with less. However, financial transactions, such as reconciliations, span many different systems, departments, and types of data creating data fragmentation and organizational silos. As an acquisition executive, if you’ve had to perform a contractor responsibility determination, you’ve experienced first hand the problem. This process takes two hours and occurs 750,000 times a year at one agency.

So, how do you streamline complex routines and ensure trust in data? The answer is intelligent automation for financial business systems (IA FBS). IA FBS marries artificial intelligence (AI), RPA, and blockchain creating an overlay to any enterprise business system. IA FBS facilitates your transaction to a digital airforce, improves spend analytics to enable you to identify contract leakage and unlock the power of your data. Powered by Automation Anywhere’s enterprise RPA, IA FBS emulates human execution of financial processes using computer vision and machine learning to automatically classify, extract, and validate the information. By marrying RPA with forwarding edges blockchain-based PKI technology, IA FBS is able to perform authentications with DoD CAC PKI certificates and provide a one-stop virtual service eliminating CAC Cards and creating a self-securing Network. By doing so, we are addressing DoD needs and creating a two billion dollar market.

IA FBS also includes Collibra data governance. Collibra’s API first platform is trusted by the US intelligence community for data cataloging and data governance. The budget environment will continue to be constrained and there will never be enough resources to fund every requirement. Through IA FBS your organization will benefit from reducing overhead, gaining efficiencies, and creating superior management outcomes.

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