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RPA and Test Automation Comparison

by sol-admin

Both test automation and RPA are used to take over repetitive and boring tasks. But what is the difference between them? Test automation can seem quite similar if you haven’t been working closely with both of them. Let’s look at some features of RPA and Test Automation.

Robotic process automation has been deployed across various industries. RPA automates business processes like data entry, queries, calculations, and transactions, etc. Using software robots that are developed using robotic process automation tools like BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, UiPath, and so on. Robotic process automation is well suited for processes that are clearly defined, repeatable, and rules-based. Most importantly, RPA is only for clerical process automation and not for all human activities. RPA is software-based, it can be used to perform various tasks, additionally, any application commonly used by your company can be operated by RPA, for example, Citrix, .Net, HTML and Java.

Test Automation
It is the process of automating test processes. It implies that it build a code to perform manual testing. Test automation or automated testing is applied only to the software product and its features. It checks whether the product is working or not. Test scripts analyze test results and report defects. Test automation works in a test environment using test data. Test automation is generally implemented across various environments like UAT, Prod, QA, etc.