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RPA as A Catalyst to Reimagine Business Processes at ZS

by sol-admin

Founded in 1983, ZS is a consulting and professional services firm that worldwide provides services for clients in private equity, healthcare, and technology. The company leverages deep industry expertise, leading-edge analytics, and strategy to create solutions that work in the real world. Here are some details of the story where ZS identified and adopted automation as a key component of the evolution and competitiveness of their solutions.

Across their business, ZS saw opportunities to automate manual, time-intensive, data processing with RPA. The company’s Customer-Centric Marketing space houses two of its core offerings, Access Monitor™ and Affinity Monitor™. These offerings collate large amounts of data to deliver deep market insights to subscribers. With the entire reporting delivery cycle dependent on data readiness, ZS realized that as gathering and collating critical data manually across multiple modules usually takes up to three months, its 10-person analytics team lost a lot of productive time each reporting cycle.

Automation Anywhere enabled the quick deployment of bots, reducing manual, painstaking data processing work. With RPA as an orchestration engine, ZS developed a solution involving Python, VBA macros, Unix scripts, and machine learning algorithms to deliver an end-to-end automated solution. The success of the project has now inspired the team to think beyond automation and reimagine the offerings as self-service tools in the future.

RPA Project in Numbers

  • 70% Reduction in turnaround time
  • 100% Accuracy
  • 25+ Task bots deployed

This video gives you a bit more details about ZS and its mission.