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RPA as a game-changer for Tarsus Distribution (RSA)

by sol-admin

Tarsus Distribution is a thirty-year-old distribution company that distributes all of the major tech brands into South African market as well as their neighboring African countries. Before getting UiPath RPA solution, TD found themselves in a situation where they were very manual because the large portion of their work was data capturing. The TD’s staff were inconsistent in their workflows, inaccurate and they didn’t have the ability to scale for the clients. Thanks to the local UiPath implementation partner, Tarsus Distribution has implemented UiPath in its shipping department and the ROI was quantifiable purely in speed and accuracy. What was previously taking them three to four hours to process is now taking three minutes and the accuracy is perfect. This allows TD scalability in terms of the number of documents they can process now. It’s allowed them to start thinking very differently in terms of their strategy. They’ve broadened the scope of their staff where they used to be manual data captures, they are now learning new skills and really looking forward to their future jobs.

“I think that the biggest benefit that we are going to get now is future opportunities, revenue streams in terms of new sellable solutions, as well as continuing to automate other processes within the business. My advice for anyone thinking about doing it is to go for it. This is a game-changer, it changes how the staff interacts with the business, it changes the strategy of businesses. Intelligent robotics is definitely the future.”
Tim Proome, Supply Chain Executive

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