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RPA as low-hanging fruit for MinterEllison

by sol-admin

This post is presented by Gary Adler, Chief Digital Officer of MinterEllison which is the largest provider of legal services in Australia with offices in five countries and 15 cities, including in every Australian capital city, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Ulaanbaatar. He tells how RPA provided by FlexRule changed the way they work and also brought a smile to his face:

“I’m very lucky to work at a firm where innovation is seen as something that’s very high on the radar. We have an innovation specific budget, we have several innovation teams and because of that, there is really a high appetite for constant change around the latest technologies. We are constantly looking at more effective and more efficient ways of running the operational side of the business, particularly in the legal groups to deliver a better and more consistent product. Looking at Robotic Process Automation was an opportunity to look at some of that low-hanging fruit and taking the technology and applying it to some of the more tedious tasks so that our lawyers could ultimately focus on doing what they are paid to do, which is lawyering.

FlexRule really took the time to understand our business, it was a simple flexible tool. And more importantly, the team that we were working with were extremely adaptable to our needs and took the time to really understand what we were trying to do. And ultimately, the proof was in the pudding and they delivered a product that had ticked all the boxes and really fixed the issue we’re trying to resolve. From a technical point of view, adopting FlexRule has really helped us take away some of the grunt work that a lot of administrators and lawyers had to do previously, and this allowed us to empower our lawyers to focus on the higher value work as well as our administration teams. But it also allowed us to produce a more risk-averse outcome, more accuracy in the results because a machine doesn’t get tired and doesn’t make mistakes.

The first time the RPA solution had brought a smile to my face, was in the first week of the implementation. We got a lovely email from the partner and her team who are running this work with a particular client saying that it’s really changed the way they have delivered and they couldn’t do work without it now. We are driving business automation very hard. We see that as one of the key levers to internal transformation in terms of the way we work. At the moment, we have literally thousands of documents that have been automated and now with the introduction of RPA, again we see an exponential increase in the use of RPA over time.”