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by sol-admin

Ageas U.K. is one of the largest providers of personal and commercial insurance in Great Britain. It began using Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce in 2014. But from the very start, it knew it couldn’t achieve its process efficiency, waste reduction, and risk mitigation goals unless it built an internal culture in which everyone in the organization fully understood the benefits of RPA, and embraced all it could do for them, the company, and its customers.

Ageas has a three-person process automation team devoted to making certain all personnel – from executives to department heads to the people supporting the processes – completely comprehend the value Blue Prism’s digital workforce can deliver and eliminate the fear/“false expectations appearing real” – about the impact of RPA, such as job redundancies, for example.

“Our biggest change management success has been how we’ve managed to sell robotics to the business, and how there is no fear. People are genuinely excited about Blue Prism. They love talking about the robots.”
EMMA KIRBY-KIDD, Process Automation Lead, Ageas

Once a process goes live with Blue Prism, Ageas’s dedicated four-person RPA aftercare team enters the picture. Comprised of operational experts, this group ensures the automation doesn’t expose the business to risks of any type, and that the stakeholders are pleased with the Digital Workers’ performance. The aftercare team heavily leverages data and dashboards to manage and communicate Digital Worker performance. Blue Prism’s Control Room provides a centralized administration console for controlling, monitoring, executing, and scheduling process execution – to instantly redeploy a Digital Worker on another process if it finished its existing “job” earlier than expected.

The process automation team looks at both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the Blue Prism automation. Quantitatively, they measure and report on efficiency and capacity gains, extent of license usage, FTE hours saved, and performance against revenue targets.

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