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RPA at Airbus: The Win-win-win Situation

by sol-admin

In this video Roland Unrein-Steiner, RPA Manager at Airbus is interviewed by Kedar Dani, Automation Revealed. Roland is an Airbus’ employee since 2007 and currently, he is working for Airbus defense and space in Toulouse where his responsibility is the RPA operational issues that they have over the entire Airbus group.

Roland said that it was pretty easy to convince big heads of Airbus to use automation robots within their business because business was already convinced before they stepped in. They see RPA as making their lives easier, making their processes more streamlined, becoming more profitable and so it was easy to sell that. Roland hasn’t had that before in his career, usually, he needed to convince people, say “you have the best product ever” and at Airbus, it was the business who was demanding it and at the same time, Roland and his team were able to offer it. It was a win-win-win situation.

And the main advice given by Roland was the following:

Never stop the business. A lot of people are really enthusiastic, they really want to go for it. Consequently, never stop the business and then make sure that those, who are implementing RPA as a Center of Excellence, provide everything that is necessary for their companies. In the particular case of Airbus, it was infrastructure, licenses, support. Make sure that they can work from the beginning in a professional way.