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RPA at Aviva

by sol-admin

Aviva is about a 22-year-old global insurer. It operates in 16 countries around the world, has over 36 million customers, 33,000 employees. The company’s priorities are really quite simple: to delight their customers so

  • they stay longer with Aviva
  • they recommend Aviva to more of their friends
  • they buy more of Aviva products that add value to them and their lives.

Aviva’s IT is really quite a complicated landscape. Aviva worked with Appian for three years, in particular, to create an Intelligent Contact Center. It’s about giving the data in the hands of the people who serve Aviva’s customers and being able to serve those customers in the way that they want to be served.

If you’re a customer and you call Aviva their Front-Line Advisor launches a screen in Appian, built along with a customer record that surfaces every policy that they have with Aviva. Previously they might have up to 22 systems that they had to navigate on a daily basis. That’s down to one which is Appian.

Thanks to Appian, Aviva is now up to 9 times quicker of how the company serves its customers. Automation at Aviva is basically about two things. The first thing – Aviva’s staff is using Appian, the second,- they’re also using RPA. The way that the staff has connected the robots with Appian, with people, it’s just where does that process sit the best? So, if it’s repeatable and it’s over and over, a robot can do that.

The people in Aviva who have experienced the technology and, in particular, Appian just love it. There are some people who’ve gone from experiencing it and then they’ve moved to another area that hasn’t got it and they’ve felt like they’ve gone backward years.