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by sol-admin

Chorus is a provider of telecommunications infrastructure throughout New Zealand. It is the owner of the majority of telephone lines and exchange equipment in New Zealand and also responsible for building approximately 70% of the new fiber-optic Ultra-Fast Broadband network.

Rolling out a new, high-speed fiber broadband network might seem like a logistical nightmare, but in reality, installing the network is only the start of the challenge. Once the fiber is available, connections need to be migrated. But the technology used in older networks typically does not integrate well with newer fiber. Chorus was bridging gaps by inputting data into systems and tech stacks manually. Tasked with connecting and migrating the majority of their customer base from copper to fiber, Chorus knew it needed a more efficient way to connect customers.

Chorus had been working with its local partner, Quanton, for more than four years. In fact, Chorus was one of the first companies in New Zealand to deploy a Blue Prism intelligent digital workforce.

With Quanton’s help, Chorus successfully established an Automation Center of Excellence implemented Blue Prism’s Robotic Operating Model, and developed the internal capability to manage the total automation lifecycle. Chorus gave its digital workers the important job of bringing customers on to the new network. For a human worker, repeatedly copying and pasting information is time-consuming and prone to error. But not so for a digital worker. Chorus now has 20 Blue Prism digital workers operating across its networks, migrating customers. Together, they process approximately 50,000 transactions per month.


Work hours saved, per month.

Monthly transactions processed by digital workers.

Digital workers can migrate connections late at night to minimize disruptions.