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RPA at Dell EMC

by sol-admin

This post is about a brief testimonial of David O’Brien, Business Enablement Manager for Dell EMC, about their RPA experience in collaboration with Automation Anywhere.

David has a global role enabling RPA for all of the business units in Dell EMC. In 2016 Dell and EMC merged together which was the largest tech-merger in history and with that, it brought a lot of opportunities for RPA. With David’s IT background he has been involved with a lot of long-running projects that are transformational to the business but always in the future. It surprised and delighted him that when they went into areas of the business where there were challenges then they were able to play it and within a few weeks to a couple of months they were able to have a huge impact on the business and where they were operating. So they have a lot of examples of success in Dell EMC. For instance, there was one in the manufacturing organization. David’s team had just trained them over a two-week period and then two months later they had developed their particular bot. And in the first eight weeks of running, it had done over 23,000 transactions of new order processing. David feels that transformational change is actually coming and to be at the crest of that wave is very exciting for him. And he is definitely glad that they’re partnering with Automation Anywhere on this.