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RPA at Event Hospitality & Entertainment

by sol-admin

Event Hospitality & Entertainment Ltd is an Australian company that operates cinemas, hotels, and resorts in Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. It has a market capitalization of A$2.15billion. EVENT owns the largest cinema circuits in Australia and New Zealand. These are a few brief testimonials from top managers of the company about how Event Hospitality & Entertainment transformed their cinema experiences with the AssistEdge RPA platform:

“We are really trying to push the boundaries on what it is to go to the cinema and to make sure that people have memorable customer experience then they come. One of our most resource-heavy components at the moment is the stock ordering and inventory process. There is no real rigor around how stock’ is ordered in terms of minimum and maximum quantities. That occasionally can lead to out of stocks or over-stock. The AssistEdge RPA tool has helped us streamline our ordering process. This tool has made the process really simple by analyzing historical sales data to output orders each week across all of those vendors.”

Ben Gardiner, Director of Food & Beverage

“By utilizing the AssistEdge RPA platform, we have been able to bring new capabilities into our supply chain. From a supply perspective, this means introducing a virtual Kanban system, which allows us to ensure we have the right levels of stock at the right time. We’ve been able to apply predictive analytics across our business for forecasting customer demand levels of our supplies. “

Mark Pinder, RPA Center of Excellence Manager

“We are using data, analytics, and insights to really inform all of our decisions. Whether it be the sessions that we are programming today, we wanna make sure we’re using all the information available to us to make really informed, smart, long-term decisions for our success.”

John Boero, General Manager of Operations