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RPA at If P&C Insurance

by sol-admin

If P&C Insurance Company Ltd. is a property and casualty insurance company with a headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Besides Sweden, the company operates in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia.

If P&C Insurance started exploring the robotics advantages since 2017 when they carried out their first pilots in Finland. In 2018 the company started the scaling of RPA utilization running several projects and started already using in other Nordic countries the capabilities and knowledge they have gathered in the Finnish pilots. The pilot projects were in customer service and claim service where there are the highest volumes and RPA leads are still finding good cases for automation in those big units.

The RPA technology in If Insurance was delivered by Digital Workforce as a robot-as-service cloud and this makes it possible for If Insurance to scale up the RPA environment in a very secure way.

Robotics is all about people, it gives If Insurance’s employees time for more useful, interesting work and also creates new services for the company’s customers making them happier. Therefore in the future, If Insurance is going to carry on scaling utilization of RPA but also including artificial intelligence into that and creating intelligent automation solutions.

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