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RPA at Livingstone International

by sol-admin

Livingstone is a wholly owned Australian business established in 1984. The company began as a sole proprietorship distributing a limited range of medical products and has grown into one of Australia’s largest marketers, importers, exporters, and distributors of medical, surgical, dental, laboratory, scientific, veterinary, beauty, first aid & safety, and office supplies products. Here is about how the company managed to automate repetitive processes that were eating away time and free up their team to focus on driving profitability.

Livingston has been growing exponentially in the past few years. In order to support the growth, the top management realized the need to digitally transform their workforce for a higher-value generation. Usage of RPA was exactly a way to improve operational efficiency and scale without having to dramatically increase costs. So when you go on their website and then place orders online or offline (through their people), – those orders get processed by the robot in the back-end and that will help streamline the turnaround time between you place the order until the goods get dispatched. The manual process used to take normally about four to six hours but now with the bot only one to two hours.

As for the marketing department, before automation, their process took each out of six graphic designers three months of design time for a catalog to be printed and three weeks for a brochure to be printed. The department needed a solution to reduce the time and resources taken to physically design brochures and catalogs. During the discovery phase of their project, the Automation Anywhere product was integrated seamlessly into Livingstone’s existing framework and pool of assets to increase the department’s efficiencies. Three weeks of design time for brochures was brought down to two and a half days and three months of design time of catalogs was brought down to three weeks by using this software.

Now the staff is highly energized and enthusiastic because there are bots doing all the boring stuff and humans are focusing on the creative aspects and the strategic stuff.