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RPA at Max Healthcare

by sol-admin

Max Healthcare is the largest network of hospitals in Northern India. They have 14 hospitals and 2016 beds and they are going to constantly grow their bed capacity to 5000 beds by 2023. The staff of Max Healthcare was doing a lot of activities manually, and therefore accuracy and frequency were a challenge because the people were not able to complete activities on time. So, Yogesh Kumar Gupta (Senior VP, Accounts & Finance of Max Healthcare) got introduced to UiPath by a partner at RPATech and there was no looking back after that.

Max Healthcare wanted to start small but to scale up as and when required. According to Alok Mani Tripathi (Founder & CEO, RPATech), Uipath is easy-to-use and it has a very small IT footprint.

There was a huge volume of emails from insurance providers that needed to be fed into the system and entire activity was manual. The staff would miss data entry in many cases and RPA successfully ensured reading all emails and entered into Max Healthcare’s system saving time and boosting accuracy.

The kind of benefit that they got from putting in RPA is that they have been able to do such things that are not humanly possible to do. So much of the data that they deal in the system with, every patient might have about 1500 interactions or episodes within a stay. RPA is able to get data that they could work upon. It’s improved Max Healthcare’s productivity and focused their efforts reconciling, whereby we can really make a difference to the business and it is also given a lot of control…

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