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RPA at New York-Presbyterian Hospital

by sol-admin

Dr. David Tsay, Associate Chief Transformation Officer at New York-Presbyterian Hospital is in charge of the digital and advanced technology aspects of the hospital’s transformation, including AI.

Tsay and his colleagues are focused on administrative processes involving a process workflow that can be automated, and a set of decisions within the process that can be improved with the use of machine learning algorithms. He has partnered with RPA vendor WorkFusion on these projects.

One reason why RPA technology is well-suited to the hospital’s situation is that it has a lot of legacy systems, multiple electronic medical record systems (eventually being consolidated into one) and substantial “technical debt”. Interfacing RPA to these systems allows for more seamless patient experience.

Let’s learn more about the numbers related to RPA benefits achieved at the hospital:

The robots improved coding accuracy by 20% to 30%.

The hospital has automated employee timekeeping for people who forgot to clock in. Previously, doing that task took an employee 10 to 15 minutes to complete; now it takes virtually no time. Tsay says that the system saved some costs on back end reconciliation, but most importantly, it returned over 300,000 hours to front line staff. That time is much better spent at the patient’s bedside on clinical care.

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