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RPA at North Pole Enterprises

by sol-admin

North Pole Enterprises is a multinational organization with a global customer base that dwarfs any online retailer. Its entire operations are managed right on-site and it also has its own dedicated global logistics team. Here is about intelligent automation experienced by this top-rated company.

North Pole Enterprises had no choice but to automate its processes because its old analog system no longer could handle that level of data. The second reason is compliance. For instance, the staff had to fill out a huge amount of forms just to authorize a little pony.

North Pole Enterprises selected NICE as a vendor because of its RPA solution called NEVA. It is a virtual attendant designed specifically with the employee in mind, for the front and back office. Whether your employee needs help during a call with a customer, or as they’re working on a lengthy offline process – you can leave it to NEVA.

In the particular case of North Pole Enterprises, NEWA did the following:

  • kept the elves up-to-speed with the customers’ preferences;
  • analyzed and sorted the Naughty and Nice lists with 100% accuracy;
  • helped keep SLAs (and sleighs) on track;
  • automatically processed all the POs and paperwork;
  • oversaw compliance.

Since North Pole Enterprises has started using NEWA, the business is booming and the team is not tied down by boring administrative work.

Merry Christmas!