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RPA at Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

by sol-admin

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust provides general acute medical services to nearly 700,000 people living in Northamptonshire county, located in the East Midlands area of England. Here is a digest of how RPA technology helped Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust automate oxygen tank level monitoring while the COVID-19 pandemic was rising.

The COVID-19 crisis led to a rapid rise in the number of patients requiring oxygen support via continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) ventilator devices. The hospital has two large oxygen tanks that supply ventilator machines throughout the facility. Patients are assigned towards, which allows for the equal distribution of oxygen flow. The existing process required staff to manually log into a system and physically collect each reading from a tank every six hours. By automation of this activity, the hospital wanted to free up resources and reduce the risk of unnecessary errors.

With the implementation of Automation Anywhere RPA, a bot now logs into the oxygen supplier’s website where reading is sent from the tank, then data is automatically inputted into their system. The bot goes into the system, extracts the last reading, updates a spreadsheet, and then updates a dashboard that provides regular, instant updates to the incident room. In just more than a month since the bot was deployed, an estimated 1,500 hours have been freed up for staff to focus on other important work. With 100% accuracy, the bot has also instilled confidence that any issues would be instantly flagged.

In the video below you can get some additional data directly from Tremaine Richard-Noel, head of emerging technology at Northampton General Hospital NHS, who shares a few unexpected benefits of RPA and reveals his key learnings for a successful automation deployment.