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RPA at Prosegur (Spain)

by sol-admin

Here is how Prosegur, a private security company, saved 350,000 hours through automation of 300 processes.

A few years ago, Prosegur created a Department of Automation and Robotics to drive operational improvements. The company has utilized its Blue Prism Digital Workforce as a part of a sustainable, extensible, and scalable ecosystem. RPA’s impact was maximized by creating the “Super Robot” program that manages process discovery, analysis, and development. Super Robot provides the company with a global opportunity assessment methodology, a single vision of ROI across business units and geographies, and encourages widespread adoption of RPA. Digital Workers are active across 14 business units allowing Prosegur to optimize speed and accuracy while reducing the cost of operations.

As a result of connecting technologies, such as Computer Vision, Machine learning, and Natural language processing, the company achieved the following benefits:

  • 350,000 hours back to the business
  • €50,000 savings per year for each process
  • >100% ROI in the first 18 months

The full report is here available.