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RPA Automation of Supplier Invoice Entry in Sage X3

by sol-admin

Supplier Invoice entries are time-consuming data entry jobs. Each invoice is either validated against the PO number or can be a direct invoice in Sage. This demo shows how RPA can be leveraged to automate direct invoices in Sage X3. First, the bot scans the emails to filter invoice emails and downloads the invoice files. Then the automation program built using the Electroneek RPA platform extracts vital information from the multiple invoice files. After that the bot runs in the following steps:

  • It downloads vendor invoices into a local folder;
  • launches a browser;
  • logs into Sage x3;
  • navigates to the supplier invoice entry screen;
  • searches for the supplier;
  • updates the fields with the information extracted from the invoice.

With updated information, you can increase shared service center process efficiency:

  • 100% adherence to Quality and Compliance
  • Reduce the error rate to 0%
  • Streamline the process with cost savings