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RPA Bot Roy As an “Autopilot” at Norwegian Avinor

by sol-admin

With over 3000 employees and 50 million passengers to serve, Avinor is a state-owned company that operates 44 airports in Norway, 14 in association with the Royal Norwegian Air Force, and is responsible for air traffic control services in Norway. In addition to the 44 airports, it operates three Area Control Centers.

Because Avinor is constantly faced with a massive volume of work that could sometimes become overwhelming, it has partnered with Sopra Steria and UiPath to help change the way employees work through RPA and machine learning, and at the heart of everything is a bot nicknamed Roy and he’s helping transform how people work and improve the service the center can offer its internal and external customers.

Introducing RPA in 2017, the company has quickly moved to automate over 20 processes in areas such as finance, accounting, HR, records, and archiving. Initially, the automation journey began as workloads within the facilities center continued to grow at the same time as a number of employees were reach retirement age.

The major benefit of automation for Avinor may not be in saving time but in making time. It allows employees to do work that they could not complete in the past. For example, handling customer inquiries is a major task for the center. Every year, 6,000 complaints, and other inquiries, are received by the team. All these cases were handled manually. Now, Roy combines RPA and machine learning to automatically register the basic data from the inquiry, create a case and send it to the correct staff member.

Benefits of Automation

  • Roy sped process performance execution on average by 90%.
  • Roy helps process 100.000 invoices yearly.
  • RPA helps improve workloads without needing to replace 30 staff reaching retirement.