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RPA Bots For Salesforce

by sol-admin

This demo displays how RPA bots configured by Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019 can manage workflows within Salesforce, receive bot status updates, and more.

Many processes seem to be easy, but let’s take a look at an example. Say, a customer needs to replace their laptop battery, which seems like a simple request but how many steps does its processing contain? You might be surprised, but the processing of such a kind of request consists of 8 steps and needs operating 3 different platforms – Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite and Shipstation. Is that a bit more steps than it might have seemed before?

But, what if you could do everything only from Salesforce? Automation Anywhere bot is capable of doing that fast and properly. Thereby you save your time from switching between applications. Automation Anywhere Productivity Pack makes it easy to configure. This Pack is designed to accelerate RPA adoption by making RPA bots available right within standard work systems and apps, like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Salesforce. And enabling users to run bots from any device.

Want to learn more about Automation Anywhere Productivity Pack? Just explore this page.