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RPA Case Study: HM Hospitales (Spain)

by sol-admin

The staff of HM Hospitales’ Data Analytics Department is in charge of integrating 3rd party applications. HM Hospitales has experienced significant growth in the last few years. They’re convinced that if they improve their internal processes, they can improve the quality of care for their patients. This became the first target of the company.

Being able to rely on a great partner like UiPath is essential. Alberto Moreno from HM Hospitales’ Data Analytics Department would advise those, who want to go into RPA, to evaluate the options available, analyze the processes they want to transform, and assess the options that UiPath offers because there are plenty.

According to Esther Herrero from Software and Development Department HM Hospitales, UiPath can create a robot that does the tasks required by HM Hospitales in 12 to 15 minutes. And all the staff received a lot of help and support from UiPath.

And what about the RPA plans of HM Hospitales? They wanted to introduce RPA first to their finance department, and then continue with other departments and extend to the quality of patient care.

You can also watch this story in Spanish.