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RPA Deployment at the Municipality of Copenhagen

by sol-admin

Here is the digest of how UiPath RPA was leveraged in the capital of Denmark in order to improve the lives of government employees and citizens.

Today, more than 600,000 people are living and working in the city – an increase of almost 20% in just 10 years. As the population grows, the pressure to continually deliver high-quality service mounts on the Municipality. Copenhagen has to service a growing population with the same or a reduced budget and because of this, new ways to automate and do things smarter are always in high demand.


“Our journey began looking at unattended robots for large repetitive tasks and process, allowing employees to concentrate on higher-quality tasks. Now, we’re looking at attended robots and digital assistants. Combining the two allows an employee to work with the appropriate robot for each step in the process. There’s great potential in this hybrid approach.”

Rasmus Lund Stisager, RPA Team Leader at the Copenhagen Municipality

RPA Project by numbers

75 key business processes automated across seven committees.

50 attended robots ready to service the employees of Copenhagen.

Automating one process in one committee saved almost 8,500 hours per year – equivalent to 6 FTEs.

The average process takes 6-8 weeks for the concept to delivery.

UiPath Academy helps people with no RPA experience become productive in less than four weeks.