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RPA Deployment in Higher Education

by sol-admin

Welcome to the discussion of Phil Searle, CEO & Founder, and Chuy Michel, RPA Regional Leader, both at Chazey Partners about RPA implementations specifically in higher education institutions.

As in many other sectors, RPA is increasingly being leveraged in higher education with the aim of boosting productivity, modernizing administrative operations, and pursuing academic excellence. One of the reasons is that lots of educational institutions have been feeling the financial squeeze for many years, and the Covid-19 crisis has only added to this.

The discussion of Chazey Partners leaders covers the following related issues:

  • potential candidate processes for RPA
  • charting a solid implementation plan: piloting, vendor selection, business case, automation roadmap, and bot development and deployment
  • overcoming challenges, and implementation lessons learned
  • some case studies of successful implementations

And finally, in the video fragment embedded below you can find a more detailed case study of how RPA was leveraged at the University of California, Berkeley.