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RPA For A British Provider Of Green Energy

by sol-admin

Rebel Energy is a new entrant in the UK energy market whose mission is to tackle fuel poverty and make green energy accessible to all segments of society. Here is how this startup leveraged Blue Prism RPA to successfully bring its products and vision to market.

Rebel Energy is on a mission to drive the UK’s power transition agenda, making 100% renewable energy available to all. However, Rebel is by no means the first utility to tout its environmentally friendly credentials. And having conducted a rigorous pre-launch process assessment, Rebel was keenly aware that most of the processes it had to use were standard across the industry. To launch successfully, Rebel had to find a smarter, more efficient way to present its products in the market.

Rebel was entering a highly competitive marketplace. But it had one key advantage. As a new enterprise, Rebel wasn’t encumbered by outdated or existing legacy systems. So, after conducting a comprehensive process audit, Rebel made the astute decision to bring in Blue Prism digital workers from the start. It’s a decision that will pay big dividends. For Rebel, it means they’ll enjoy increased operational efficiencies, providing superior service for customers while significantly reducing the cost to serve. As data is generated by and about its customers, Rebel can leverage that information, helping it to support disadvantaged UK households as they transition to clean energy.

Business Impact

  • Increased agility
    – Processes optimized and rapidly scalable, based on demand.
  • Reduced cost to serve
    – While significantly improving customer experience.
  • Data enabled
    – Ideally placed to leverage and capitalize on customer insights.