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RPA for a Finnish Car Fleet Management Company

by sol-admin

Fleet Innovation is a Finnish business automotive service company that offers automotive consulting and management services. Founded in 2007, Fleet Innovation manages more than 6,500 company cars. Read next to learn its story of leveraging RPA.

The company has grown at a tremendous pace. To support its growth, Fleet Innovation has automated several processes and tasks so that employees can focus to serve the company’s customer base in the best possible way. One of the means of automation is robotic process automation, for which Fleet Innovation found the right partner in Efima, offering UiPath technology.

As Fleet’s business grew, the number of purchase invoices processed by the company also increased which led to an increase in the personnel’s workload. This begged the question of whether the processing of purchase invoices could be handled more efficiently.

RPA was identified as a solution that would agilely scale with Fleet Innovation’s business. In addition, automation was seen as a way to improve the quality of invoice processing at Fleet. The automation of purchase invoices has also yielded results, as currently, the robot processes 45% of the company’s 6,000 monthly purchase invoices.

Company’s Satisfaction

“This is a really big help for a company of our size, and we’ve already made plans for the next year. Automation plays a big role in our growth plans.”

Jenna Rahunen, Finance Manager, Fleet Innovation