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RPA for Analytics

by sol-admin

RPA is mostly leveraged as an automation tool, but enterprises are starting to recognize that these same tools can also help automate a variety of analytics processes. Here are 9 ways companies can utilize RPA to gain better insights into data:

  1. Analyzing across dispersed documents
  2. Conducting business experiments
  3. Scraping the web for analytics
  4. Improving data transparency
  5. Exploring analytics proofs of concept
  6. Automating data wrangling
  7. Mitigating COVID-19 pressures
  8. Analyzing business processes
  9. Gaining more granular process analytics

RPA is helping streamline the processes that create valuable insights, changing what areas analytics are measuring and helping to find new domains of time-consuming tasks to focus on.”

Michael Shepherd, Engineer at Dell Technologies Services

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