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RPA for AR Invoice Conciliation

by sol-admin

Many companies require vendors to upload invoices into their own vendor portal. Then, vendors manually upload invoices to the vendor portal to initiate the payment process. Frequently, these invoices might be inconsistent with order information recorded in the internal SAP ERP system. Resulting in errors that prevent these invoices from being processed correctly and manual work to correct errors in the ERP system. Let’s look at the scenario that will showcase a robot programmed and scheduled to pre-validate invoice information between the SAP ERP system and the vendor portal to flag errors before they reach the SAP ERP system.

  • The robot first extracts invoices from SAP ERP into a Microsoft Excel file.
  • After that, the robot extracts those same invoices from the vendor portal into a second different MS Excel file.
  • Once gathered the information between the two files will be compared by the automated robot. Detected anomalies or exceptions are saved into a third file.
  • Finally, this third file is automatically sent to a company representative for corrective action.

Watch the demo below to see this process is executed in detail.