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RPA for Australia Post

by sol-admin

Learn how Australia post, a government-owned provider of postal services in Australia, automated Accounting workflows with RPA Bots.

Australia Post’s accounting services department oversees huge volumes of back-office processes that update and maintain a multitude of accounts and service offerings. The team at Australia Post sought new pathways to manage the many accounting tasks and improve efficiencies within the department. Specifically, the team aimed to automate repetitive manual tasks to bolster the workflow across accounting services and offer employees the opportunity to develop their skillsets.

Australia Post’s accounting team identified RPA as the ideal solution to improve business efficiencies and redirect employees towards more value-driven work. Australia Post kicked off their digital transformation journey with a free trial of Automation Anywhere RPA and a pilot project.

After the initial success, Australia Post partnered with Automation Anywhere to automate 25 additional processes, including maintaining financial journals, managing credit uploads, facilitating automatic agency set up and pricing, as well as material maintenance, which involves creating and changing the details of all items sold at different postal outlets across Australia.

– 120 Bots deployed
– 18,000 hours saved annually
– 25 Processes automated
– 15% Cost reduction within accounting services

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