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RPA for Covid-19 Swab Tests

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The National University Health System (NUHS) is a Singapore group of healthcare institutions. The group was formed in 2008 and operates several hospitals, national specialty centers, and polyclinics. Here is a digest of how NUHS leveraged RPA technology to streamline the process of the Covid-19 swab testing.

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2020, Singapore’s health authorities had to step up testing efforts, particularly at foreign worker dormitories that were most affected by the outbreak. More than 1,000 Covid-19 tests had to be administered daily, with patient information and swab test results manually entered into Singapore’s National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) system which was very tedious for medical workers.

HUHS worked with its technology service provider, Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), to deploy an RPA solution from Blue Prism.

After assembling a lean team of six people including representatives from operations and IT, Lily Loo, Director at NUHS, worked with her colleagues to identify data fields that could be filled in by default, before deploying an RPA bot to automate the patient registration process. The project went live in just six days, and the team was able to reduce patient registration time from two minutes to just 30 seconds.


“In over two months, we did 72,000 registrations with time savings of about 282 man-days.”

Lily Loo, Director at National University Health System (NUHS)

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