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RPA for Employee Training

by sol-admin

No matter if an employee is new to a company or to a role, or if a new application or a new process is being launched – it is important for them to be fully aware and up to date when it comes to executing business processes and tasks in line with company standards. Moreover, in many cases, individual training needs and requirements are identified by chance rather than based upon a structured and ongoing basis.

Kryon Attended Automation guides employees through specific processes on their desktop computers, improving training effectiveness and new system adoption. Automatic notification of certification requirements can also be scheduled, as individual employee characteristics and certification status are compared with requirements. Even an individual employee’s calendar can be blocked according to their individual training needs and schedule.


“With Kryon, we were able to reduce the training period from four weeks to two weeks. That’s a 50% reduction, much more than our initial goal. This translates into huge cost savings of more than 1,000 CSR training days each year!”

Pelephone Communications (Israel)

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