Home RPA for FCCM


by sol-admin

There is a higher level of scrutiny in the market today as the financial crime and compliance management FCCM market has reached a level of maturity where regulators are able to better articulate expectations and compare established programs across financial institutions. Furthermore, Chief Credit Officers (CCO) and Chief Risk Officers (CRO) are seeing an increased expectation, both internally and externally, for concise and accurate reporting on compliance while proving those results.

As crime and fraud increase within the financial services industry, banks, and other organizations are relying heavily on manual effort from employees to verify customers, transactions, and other key information.

Huron is helping financial services firms solve these complex challenges with its FCCM RPA accelerators. Huron is recognized as a leader within the financial services industry for its cutting-edge solutions and collaborations around robotic process automation and financial crime software. Today Huron helps their clients with advisory and implementation of RPA and FCMM software that drives value for financial services institutions by automating repetitive time-consuming manual tasks.

With Huron’s accelerators, institutions can augment compliance analyst efforts by minimizing manual work to improve efficiency, increase speed, and reduce mistakes. Those FCCM RPA accelerators can automate routine tasks allowing your investigators to focus on what they do best finding anomalous transactions and eliminating the non-analytical aspects of their job. With the Huron FCCM RPA accelerator package, you can manage more investigations and reduce analyst fatigue, perform tasks in less time reducing backlogs and the need to hire additional staff, and complete tasks with higher quality outcomes.

The Huron FCCM RPA accelerators include:

  • information validation
  • documentation gathering
  • customer screening
  • regulatory report filing
  • scheduling cases for follow up

..and many other features.

Watch the video below to see how one of Huron’s accelerators works.